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Conscious Cycles with claire

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Conscious Cycles with claire

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Claire Treadwell

I have walked, ran and crawled along this path of self healing that has led me to becoming a Reiki Master and fully stepping into the glowing light to help heal myself and align my path. I feel called to share this knowledge and help women and menstruators feel more attuned holistically as they connect to their cycle.

I am a Reiki Master and Conscious Cycles mentor, I provide coaching support for women to align their cycles with nature through mindfulness, meditation, and Reiki. I enjoy cultivating community through offering virtual support/practice groups while collaborating with local artists to bring Reiki infused offerings to Bend Oregon and beyond!

My Offerings

Conscious Cycles The Course

Transformational 8 week program to sync your life with your cycle and receive certification in Reiki Level One

Hands close up Reiki master and massage

Reiki Sessions

Healing sessions available in person and distant/virtual

Reiki Master Using Pendulum

More Energetic Support

Guided Meditation, Guided Journals, Intuitive readings and more!

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A New Offering

Guided Journal

This is a guided journal perfect for starting or deepening your practice of self discovery. This guide will accompany you on your journey to help you find purpose and personal peace.

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Client Response

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Comfortable and Cared For

“Knowing that Claire was seeking my best interest and healing, no matter what it took made me feel even more at home and comforted.

This was a wonderful experience and I cannot recommend it highly enough.”

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Her Desire to Share This Medicine

“There were noticeable shifts in my body that felt like things were being released. If you were ever curious about reiki and how it feels, it’s like a free flowing prayer over your body that actually brings a change right then and there. It’s so pure. Thank you Claire.”

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Your Course Changed My Life

“If you ever wanted to feel more connected to your body and to your cycle, to nature and the moon and everything in between. Then you should definitely join Claire for her Conscious Cycles program!”

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